Have a “Pizzafabulous” time in Old Forge, Pennsylvania

If you are craving for one of the best pizzas in the United States, you must visit the borough of Old Forge, Pennsylvania. The town is not where to go to if you want to enjoy a number of attractions, but if you love pizza, this town will provide you with a “Pizzafabulous” time.

A borough in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, Old Forge was into coal mining, textiles, and electronics industry until the late fifties. When these industries closed or moved into a new city, the town’s population decreased and no sign of progress was seen until the 70s when pizza making became its main industry. It is believed that the Ghigiarelli family, who used to sell homemade pizzas to the coal miners, was the one who started it all with what is known as the Old Forge Pizza. Today, the borough claims to be the home of the best pizza in the world. If you have tasted all sorts of pizza, and doubt that claim, drop by Old Forge and have a pizza fiesta! The nearest city to Old Forge is Scranton, Pennsylvania, which is 5 miles away. It is just 100 miles from Jersey City, and 102 miles from Philadelphia.

As soon as you step into Old Forge, you will forget all the pizzas you have tasted. This borough is where you can enjoy a variety of pizza which will satisfy your pizza cravings. According to pizza lovers, the Ghigiarelli's Restaurant is where you can savor the best, but fans of Mary Lou's Pizza claim otherwise. If you have not decided which is the best, why not have a taste of the pizza in  Elio G's which is operated by Tom and Elio. Elio is the grandson of Nonni Ghigiarelli who invented Old Forge-style. Still have some space in your stomach for more? The Arcaro & Genell will make you wish you could stay in Old Forge forever and just eat pizza every single day!

Make sure you go one a diet before heading to Old Forge so you can have as much pizza as you can! Consult your travel agent for more details. 

By Sunshine Silva on 11/02/2015 in Old Forge

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