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Uncover the History Behind U.S Virgin Islands

on 01/02/2015 in US Virgin Islands
Saint Ursula and her Virgin Followers, despite their demise under unknown circumstances in Cologne, must be feeling vindicated. I would be if a place as beautiful as the USVI (United States Virgin Islands) is named after me. During his second voyage in 1493, Christopher Columbus decided to just do this. The island is the ancestral home of the Ciboney, Arawak...

Uncover the History Behind Martinique

on 12/30/2014 in Martinique
The Tainos of Hispaniola were a mythical people. A folklore doing rounds among the people during the Pre-Columbian era went like this; There was a mythical island called Jouanacaëra-Matinino. It was the home of giant iguanas and enchantingly beautiful flowers. The Tainos and Caribs considered the island holy and would sometime send elders to do prayers there. Fast forward to...

Club Med Valmorel

on 12/29/2014 in France
4,000 feet up in the French Alps, you find the awe-inspiring chalet-like resort of Valmorel. Just like other Club Med resorts, this one offers sprawling views of the ice-capped landscape. The resort sits pretty on the fabled French Alps’ pristine Grand Domaine. If you love the winter sports thrill, they are plenty here. Apart from enjoying the spectacular views of...

10 Things you probably didn’t know about Bermuda but should

on 12/22/2014 in Bermuda
Myths and rumor mills have a way of getting to the best of us. Growing up, I used to hear that ships never cross the Bermuda triangle. There was a deep hole that sucked even planes from the sky. This sort of made me want to visit Bermuda. Now that I know better, I would like to share some of...

Sandals Whitehouse

on 07/01/2014 in Jamaica
The Sandals Whitehouse is a luxury resort located on the banks of the Caribbean Sea in Jamaica. It is flanked by turquoise crystal clear Caribbean Sea waters, white sand beaches that are decorated by lush green palm trees and landscaped gardens that showcase the creativity of its designers. The resort is made up of 3 European villages - Italian, French...

10 Things you probably didn’t know about Fiji but should

on 12/16/2014 in Fiji
Apart from maybe Maldives, no other place can rank with Fiji in terms of natural beauty. The country is located in south Pacific, about 1,300 miles northeast of New Zealand. The country is alone. It is solitary. It is thus the place you go when you want to get away from it all and rediscover yourself. You will love the...